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Luxury hotel business - Food service industry

Facility management - Healthcare


« Success is built on successful people » is more than slogan. It is our firm belief that sourcing the best fit in management talent will make the difference in your organization.


We achieve this through our focused approach of 4 industry sectors and specializing in a limited number of management and specialist functions.

Our assets

In depth industry knowledge

Carefully cultivated network

Highly professional & dedicated team

Thorough matching assessment

Highly personalised approach



Last opportunities
5* Hotelgruppe - Administrativer und Technischer Leiter
Gouvernant(e) Général(e) resp. de l'Intendance 100%
Area Manager (H/F) 100%
Facility Manager (H/F) 100%
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Successful assignments
** Michelin Chef, Luxury property, Switzerland
Events Manager, 5* LHW property, Bern
Director of Front Office, 5* LHW property, Bern
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